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About us:

We are passionate about astronomy and exploring the universe, and we are excited to share that passion with you. Our history dates back to [year of founding], when we decided to launch the radio telescope in tribute to the prominent astronomer Jocelyn Bell.

Our mission is simple but powerful: we want to inspire curiosity and wonder about the cosmos and science in all ages and levels of knowledge. Through this website, we aim to bring the fascinating world of astronomy to a global audience. We believe in the importance of accurate and accessible science communication as a way to enrich public understanding of our place in the universe.

Our mission:

Our values:

At the Jocelyn Bell Burnell Radio Telescope Platform, we are committed to the following values:

Scientific precision

Our priority is to offer accurate information based on scientific evidence.

Diversity and inclusion

We promote diversity and equal opportunities in science and astronomy.


We seek to inspire a love of science and the universe in people of all ages.

Our objectives:


Provide high-quality educational content on astronomy and space science.


Celebrate the legacy of Jocelyn Bell and her contribution to astronomy.


Promote scientific curiosity and critical thinking.

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